Future Back

A ‘Demand-Based’ Approach to Talent Management

Future Back is a unique, technology-enabled approach to Talent Management. Unlike any other Talent Management solution, it gives you the tools to identify and prioritise future talent requirements based on your business strategy. 

Future Back is organised around the 4 key questions that underpin good talent strategy.

  1. What talent do we need to be successful in the future?

  2. What talent do we have today?

  3. What’s the gap?

  4. What can we do to close the gap?

As a technology, Future Back supports key decision makers by providing sophisticated data analytics and insightful reporting on organisational talent. Future Back measures the gap between the talent you need for tomorrow and the talent you have today, enabling you to choose the right talent strategies to accelerate business performance. 

Talent Management Services

Over twenty years of working with global businesses on strategic talent management has given us deep insight into the challenges of developing talented people and building organisational capability. 

During that time and working in partnership with our clients, we have developed solutions to address the most common of these challenges. 

  • Empowering and equipping people to manage their career development  

Guidance for individuals to shape their career goals and development priorities; supporting them to fulfil their potential and optimize their contribution to delivering your strategy.

  • Enhancing Career Conversations 

Teaching for Line Managers to help them have more impactful career conversations. Helping your business to create a culture of engagement and shared accountability for development and internal career progression. 

  • Transition Support  

A comprehensive tool kit for individuals transitioning into new roles/assignments, which helps them prepare for new and different challenges, navigate a smooth transition and become effective fast in their new situation. 

Built in partnership with our clients, these are practical, robust, tried and tested toolkits. We offer them in web-based formats so that they are globally accessible and scalable to suit the size of your business.

Organisation Design

Building the right talent is one thing, but making sure your people are doing the right work in the right way is a different challenge. Our organisation design methodology guides leaders through a comprehensive series of steps to shape the right operating model and future-proof organization structures. 

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